Find My Way

crown: [Cubic Cherry] {Crowned} GIFT hair: *TKW* Ibarra @Sanarae top: 22 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. UnLove You – Top RARE @The Arcade skirt: 22 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. UnLove You – Skirt RARE @The Arcade gloves: [Cubic Cherry] – Ra gauntlets gaters & stockings: 4 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. UnLove You – Garters + Socks R – Black Mate @The Arcade boots: 20 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. […]

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googles: 5 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. N.i.x – N.i.g.h.t – Headset Black hair: [RA] Stella Hair (recolor) – Colorful (unpacked) vest: 15 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. N.i.x – N.i.g.h.t – Vest Black body: 10 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. N.i.x – N.i.g.h.t – Body Black arms: 21 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. N.i.x – N.i.g.h.t – RARE boots: 20 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. N.i.x – N.i.g.h.t – Boots Black weapon: Animosity – […]

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Throw Me A Line

hair: lock&tuft – post dreaded tube: -[TWC]- Hazar Tubes (Black) @CyberPunk visor: 19[Cubic Cherry] {Artificial Soul} visor red tattoo: CURELESS[+] Thaumiel Collar / MONOCHROME SET / OMEGA (v.1) (unp choker: [CX] Enochian Succuba – Choker/Horns @The Epiphany top: [CX] Enochian Succuba – Top @The Epiphany skirt: [CX] Enochian Succuba – Skirt @The Epiphany implant: 01[Cubic […]

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hair: 9.C4_{-MK-}&*Dura* Collaboration02_Bob/Monster earring: [CX] Peeper Earrings @The Season Story scarf: [Cubic Cherry] Diffidence scarf @ECLIPSE gloves: [Cubic Cherry] Voracity gloves

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You’re Mine

SET DISORDERLY. / Screened / Pattern 2 DISORDERLY. / Wood be Spring / Buckets / White @Shiny Shabby DISORDERLY. / Rose Au Chocolat / Rose Cake / White Chocolate dust bunny . unicorn cookie jar DISORDERLY. / Spring Fresh / Lemon Centerpiece @Collabor88 DISORDERLY. / Wood be Spring / Stool / Pink  @Shiny Shabby DISORDERLY. […]

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Another dawn

hair: VCO HAIR _ Jennie [Gray] glasses: Insomnia Angel . Agemizawa – happy glasses @The Arcade shirt & bag: Insomnia Angel . Agemizawa – spilled sauce shirt @The Arcade skirt: Insomnia Angel . Agemizawa – pleated skirt @The Arcade pizza: Insomnia Angel . Agemizawa – pizza @The Arcade backdrop: ninety – Yanesen backdrop + resize […]

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hair: [monso] My Hair – Miyu for Fameshed short & ropes: Insomnia Angel . Masochist kimono @Hentai Fair

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Heart of the woods

[15]{MB} Sprite Towel Bench @The Arcade (start March 1st) [17]{MB} Sake Tray @The Arcade (start March 1st) [11]{MB} Sprite Onsen RARE @The Arcade (start March 1st) [13]{MB} Sprite Lantern Jar (Butterfly) @The Arcade (start March 1st) 10 [MB] Bath Duck [04]{MB} Gingko 3 Leaf Wet @The Arcade (start March 1st) Mutresse-Panda Bamboo-Bear Cubs [12]{MB} Sprite […]

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Everything means nothing

halo: [Cubic Cherry] – Strahl halo @WHIMSICAL hair: lock&tuft – no joke tuxedo @Shiny Shabby nose chain: [CX] Monstrum Catena mask: [Cubic Cherry] – Axer masks @DUBAI coat: Hotdog – Morbid manteaux . plain pack corset: [CX] Oroan’s Binding @Eclipse

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Light U Up

hair: –FABIA– Mesh Hair < Storm> Unnaturals Tones jaw: !R! Jaw Bone/ Sci-Fi Pack / dress: -Pixicat- Evening.Dress @Collabore88  spine: Normandy-BioSpine (maitreya&signature) arm: [omnis] BlackWidow/V2 1.1[Maitreya] (closed store) backdrop: ninety – Odaiba Backdrop [ night light ] @The mens deparment

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